What is the cost of a Paver?  Paver Stone
$350.00 which is tax deductible.

What information is included on the Paver?     
Branch of service, name, conflict or years of service. 
Note: One Paver per serviceperson you would like to honor.

How will they be used?
They will flank the “Walk of Honor” pathways through the Memorial.

What are other ways of contributing to the Memorial Fund in addition to the purchase of Pavers?
Anyone wishing to make a financial contribution to the River Falls Memorial may do so in the following manner: Memorial gift, will, trust, bequest, retirement account, life insurance, bank and brokerage accounts. 
Note: All contributions are tax deductible. 

I no longer live in River Falls, can I still buy a Paver?

I now live in River Falls but my late husband never did, can I buy a Paver in his name?

What about those person(s)/families who would like to purchase a Paver but can’t afford it?

You may donate or make a contribution to a Paver to help defray the cost for those people unable to afford a Paver